Be that Glow


Be that glow.  It starts from the inside.

I am 4 weeks into my nutrition program studies and learning just about everything under the sun–every diet, every vitamin, many ailments brought on by diet.  What is most interesting is I am learning that a healthy person comes from a healthy lifestyle.  That means–body, mind and spirit.  If those things are not in balance, things will remain askew.

What I also am coming to believe whole heartedly is the idea of the 90/10 diet.  This promotes eating healthy foods most of the time (90% of the time) and eating less healthy foods on occasion (10% of the time). There is no set plan to this diet, and it is easy to follow and hard to fall off!  No one should ever be completely denied of Louie’s pizza.

Foods to increase: water, whole grains, sweet vegetables, leafy green vegetables, varied forms of protein.  Duh.  If you eat lots of these things you can ‘crowd out’ the less healthy things.

Things to increase: home cooked food, enjoyable physical activity, enjoyable work, spirituality, and healthy and supportive relationships.  Fun, social, happy.

Foods to reduce: meat, dairy, sugar, chemicals, caffeine, tobacco.  Most of this we know–we just can’t always do what we know is right.

Things to reduce: toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, and stress.  Those are 3 REALLY IMPORTANT FACTORS IN A HEALTHY LIFE.  That sh*t causes kancer.  If it ain’t good, get rid of it.

Loving the learning…

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  1. AHHH!!! This is so exciting. I am SO happy for you. Can’t wait to get all the latest and greatest dieting and health advice. You are a superstar!!!

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